[tc][election] Simple question for the TC candidates

Jean-Philippe Evrard jean-philippe at evrard.me
Mon Apr 6 07:49:11 UTC 2020

On Mon, 2020-04-06 at 09:41 +0200, Jean-Philippe Evrard wrote:
> Question: Why would we want another competing project? How do you
> intend to work with Kolla? Do you want to have this image building in
> the projects, and use another tooling to deploy those images? Did you
> start collaborating/discussing with non-TripleO projects on this?

Maybe I should rephrase. How do you want to make this work with Kolla,
Triple-O, and other deployment projects outside those two? Do we
distribute and collaborate (each project got a way to build its
images), or do we centralize (LOCI/kolla - way)?

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