[openstack-dev][kuryr] Error in creating LB

MichaƂ Dulko mdulko at redhat.com
Thu Oct 31 08:43:21 UTC 2019

On Thu, 2019-10-31 at 08:16 +0000, VeeraReddy wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to install openstack & Kubernetes using devstack
> https://docs.openstack.org/kuryr-kubernetes/latest/installation/devstack/basic.html
>  Error Log             : http://paste.openstack.org/show/785670/
>  Local.conf          : Paste #785671 | LodgeIt!

This error happens when Octavia is unable to create a load balancer in
5 minutes. Seems like your LB is still PENDING_CREATE, so this seems to
be just unusually slow Octavia. This might happen if e.g. your host has
no nested virtualization enabled.

Try increasing KURYR_WAIT_TIMEOUT in local.conf. In the gate we use up
to 20 minutes (value of 1200).

> Regards,
> Veera.

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