[ops][nova] Different quotas for different SLAs ?

Eric Fried openstack at fried.cc
Tue Oct 29 15:45:24 UTC 2019


> To decide if an instance should go to a compute node with or without
> overcommitment is easy; e.g. it could be done with host aggregates +
> setting metadata to the relevant flavors/images.

You could also use custom traits.

> But is it in some  way possible to decide that a certain project has a
> quota of  x VCPUs without overcommitment, and y VCPUs with overcommitments ?

I'm not sure whether this helps, but it's easy to detect the allocation
ratio of a compute node's VCPU resource via placement with GET
/resource_providers/$cn_uuid/inventories/VCPU [1].

But breaking down a VCPU quota into different "classes" of VCPU
sounds... impossible to me.

But since you said

> In particular I would like to use some compute nodes without
> overcommitments

...perhaps it would help you to use PCPUs instead of VCPUs for these. We
started reporting PCPUs in Train [2].



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