[nova][ptg] Ussuri scope containment

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Oct 3 12:17:56 UTC 2019

On 2019-10-03 12:10:54 +0200 (+0200), Kashyap Chamarthy wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 06:09:16PM -0500, Eric Fried wrote:
> > (A) Constrain scope, drastically. We marked 25 blueprints
> > complete in Train [3]. Since there has been no change to the
> > core team, let's limit Ussuri to 25 blueprints [4]. If this
> > turns out to be too few, what's the worst thing that happens? We
> > finish everything, early, and wish we had done more. If that
> > happens, drinks are on me, and we can bump the number for V.
> I welcome scope reduction, focusing on fewer features, stability,
> and bug fixes than "more gadgetries and gongs".  Which also means:
> less frenzy, less split attention, fewer mistakes, more retained
> concentration, and more serenity.  And, yeah, any reasonable
> person would read '25' as _an_ educated limit, rather than some
> "optimal limit".

Viewing this from outside, 25 specs in a cycle already sounds like
planning to get a *lot* done... that's completing an average of one
Nova spec per week (even when averaged through the freeze weeks).
Maybe as a goal it's undershooting a bit, but it's still a very
impressive quantity to be able to consistently accomplish. Many
thanks and congratulations to all the folks who work so hard to make
this happen in Nova, cycle after cycle.
Jeremy Stanley
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