[nova][ptg] Ussuri scope containment

Eric Fried openstack at fried.cc
Wed Oct 2 20:32:28 UTC 2019

> When Mel and I were PTLs we tracked and reported post-release numbers
on blueprint activity, what was proposed, what was approved and what was

Thanks Matt. I realized too late in Train that these weren't numbers I
would be able to go back and collect after the fact (at least not
without a great deal of manual effort) because a blueprint "disappears"
from the release once we defer it.

Best approximation:
The specs directory for Train contains 37 approved specs. I count five
completed specless blueprints in Train. So best case (assuming there
were no deferred specless blueprints) that's 25/42=60%.

Combining with Matt & Mel's data:

Newton: 64%
Ocata: 67%
Pike: 72%
Queens: 79%
Rocky: 82%
Stein: 59%
Train: 60%

The obvious trend is that new PTLs produce low completion percentages,
and Matt would have hit 100% by V if only he hadn't quit :P

But seriously...

> Perhaps drastic over the last five, but not over the last three,
> IMHO. Some change, but not enough to account for going from 59
> completed in Rocky to 25 in Train.

Extraction of placement and departure of Jay are drastic, IMHO. But this
is just the kind of thing I really wanted to avoid attempting to
quantify -- see below.

> I would definitely not think that saying "we
> completed 25 in T, so we will only approve 25 in U" is reasonable.

I agree it's an extremely primitive heuristic. It was a stab at having a
cap (as opposed to *not* having a cap) without attempting to account for
all the factors, an impossible ask.

I'd love to discuss suggestions for other numbers, or other concrete
mechanisms for saying "no" for reasons of resource rather than technical
merit. My bid (as of [1]) is 30 approved, shooting for 25 completed
(83%, approx the peak of the above numbers). Go.



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