[zun][zun-ui][horizon] Request code review for a breaking fix

Hongbin Lu hongbin034 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 08:20:52 UTC 2019

On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 8:22 AM Akihiro Motoki <amotoki at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry for late. While the patch has been approved by other horizon
> cores, I have a question which blocks me for long.
> The proposed code is related to the serial console support and AFAIK
> it was introduced to support the serial console of nova servers.
> Perhaps Hongbin confirms it works with zun instance, but how can we
> test it with nova servers with serial consoles (ironic instances?)?

I tested it in Zun and Nova and confirms that it works with zun containers
and nova VM instances (ironic instances unconfirmed).

BTW, we need to backport this fix to stable/train. I can let this patch
*burn* on master for a while. If nobody complains, I will go ahead to
propose a backport.

> Many developers add features to horizon but they don't leave enough
> information on how to test them, so the current horizon team is
> struggling to know how to test :-(
> That's one reason that reviews for non-popular areas tend to take time
> for long.... I wonder how we can improve this situation.....
> Thanks,
> Akihiro
> On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 1:13 PM Hongbin Lu <hongbin034 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Horizon folks,
> >
> > We have an issue that needs to be fixed at horizon side. Please check
> this bug:
> >
> > https://bugs.launchpad.net/zun-ui/+bug/1847889
> >
> > We propose a fix on Horizon but the patch hasn't been moved forward for
> a while. Would I ask for a code review for the patch
> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/688290/ ? Without the fix, our horizon
> plugin couldn't work correctly.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Hongbin
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