[nova] [cyborg] Impact of moving bind to compute

Nadathur, Sundar sundar.nadathur at intel.com
Wed Nov 27 01:29:35 UTC 2019

> From: Dan Smith <dms at danplanet.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2019 3:17 PM
> Subject: Re: [nova] [cyborg] Impact of moving bind to compute
> > But now we are close to having an improved  wait_for_instance_event() [3].
> So I propose to:
> >
> > A.      Start the binding in the conductor. This gets maximum concurrency
> between binding and other tasks.
> >
> > B.      Wait for the binding notification in the compute manager (without
> losing the event). In fact, we can wait inside _build_resources, which is where
> > Neutron/Cinder resources are gathered as well. That will allow for doing the
> cleanup in a consistent manner as today.
> >
> > C.       Call Cyborg to get the ARQs in the virt driver, like today.
> Sorry, I missed this. No, I don't think this is reasonable. I'm -5 on where you
> have it today. However, there is zero point in calling to cyborg in
> _build_resources() and then calling it again in the virt driver just a couple
> stack frames away. The point of _build_resources() is to collect resources that
> we need to clean up if we fail, and yield them to the build process. Store your
> ARQs there, pass them to the virt driver, and roll them back if you fail.

Agreed, thanks.

> --Dan

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