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In http://kaplonski.pl/files/neutron_team_photo_shanghai_2019.zip You can find
some good quality photos from Neutron team dinner which we had in Shanghai.
Thx LIU Yulong for those pictures :)

On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 02:53:11PM +0100, Slawek Kaplonski wrote:
> Hi Neutron team,
> First if all thank to all of You for great and very productive week during the
> PTG in Shanghai.
> Below is summary of our discussions from whole 3 days.
> If I forgot about something, please respond to the email and update missing
> informations. But if You want to have follow up discussion about one of the
> topics from this summary, please start a new thread to keep this one only as
> high level summary of the PTG.
> On boarding
> ===========
> Slides from onboarding session can be found at [1]
> If You have any follow up questions to us about onboarding, or You need help
> with starting any work in Neutron team, please contact me or Miguel Lavalle by
> email or on IRC. My IRC nick is slaweq and Miguel's nick is mlavalle. We are
> available on #openstack-neutron channel @freenode.
> Train retrospective
> ===================
> Good things in Train cycle:
> * working with this team is still good experience
> * core team is stable, and we didn't lost any core reviewers during the cycle,
> * networking is still one of key reasons why people use OpenStack
> Not good things:
> * dimished vitality in stadium projects - we had also forum session and follow
>   discussion about this later during the PTG,
> * gate instability - we have seen many issues which were out of our control,
>   like infra problems, grenade jobs failures, other projects failures, but also
>   many bugs on our side,
> * we have really a lot of jobs in our check/gate queue. If each of them is
>   failing 5% of times, it's hard to merge any patch as almost every time, one of
>   jobs will fail. Later during the PTG we also discussed that topic and we were
>   looking for some jobs which we maybe can potentially drop from our queues. See
>   below for summary about that,
> Action items/improvements:
> * many team meetings each week. We decided to limit number of meetings by:
>   ** consolidate performance subteam meeting into weekly team meeting - this topic
>      will be added to the team meeting's agenda for team meetings on Monday,
>   ** consolidate ovn convergence meeting into weekly team meeting - this topic
>      will be added to the team meeting's agenda for team meetings on Tuesday,
>   ** we need to check if QoS subteam meeting is still needed,
> * Review process: list of actual review priorities would be useful for the team,
>   we will add "Review-Priority" label to the Neutron reviews board and try to
>   use it during the Ussuri cycle.
> Openvswitch agent enhancements
> ==============================
> We had bunch of topics related to potential improvements for
> neutron-openvswitch-agent proposed mostly by Liu Yulong. Slides with his
> proposals are available at [2].
> * retire DHCP agent - resyncs of DHCP agent are problematic, especially when
>   agent hosts many networks. Proposal was to add new L2 agent's extension which
>   could be used instead of "regular" DHCP agent and to provide only basic DHCP
>   functionalities.
>   Such solutions would work in the way quite similar to how networking-ovn works
>   today but we would need to implement and maintain own dhcp server application.
>   Problems of this solution are:
> ** problems with compatibility e.g. with Ironic,
> ** how it would work with mixed deployments, e.g. with ovs and sriov agents,
> ** support for dhcp options,
>   Advantages of this solution:
> ** fully distributed DHCP service,
> ** no DHCP agents, so less RPC messages on the bus and easier maintanance of
>    the agents,
>   Team's feedback for that is that this is potentially nice solution which may
>   helps in some specific, large scale deploymnets. We can continue discussion
>   about this during Ussuri cycle for sure.
> * add accepted egress fdb flows
>   We agreed that this is a bug and we should continue work on this to propose
>   some way to fix it.
>   Solution proposed by LIU during this discussion wasn't good as it could
>   potentially break some corner cases.
> * new API and agent for L2 traffic health check
>   The team asked to add to the spec some more detailed and concrete use cases
>   with explanation how this new API may help operator of the cloud to
>   investigate where the problem actually is.
> * Local flows cache and batch updating
>   The team agreed that as long as this will be optional solution which operator
>   can opt-in we can give it a try. But spec and discuss details there will be
>   necessary.
> * stop processing ports twice in ovs-agent
>   We all agreed that this is a bug and should be fixed. But we have to be
>   careful as fixing this bug may cause some other problems e.g. with
>   live-migration - see nova-neutron cross project session.
> * ovs-agent: batch flow updates with --bundle
>   We all agreed that this can be done as an improvement of existing code.
>   Similar option is already used in openvswitch firewall driver.
> Neutron - Cyborg cross project session
> ======================================
> Etherpad for the session is at [3].
> Cyborg team wants to include Neutron in workflow of spawning VMs with Smart NICs
> or accelerator cards. From Neutron's side, required change is to allow including
> "accel" data in port binding profile. As long as this will be well documented
> what can be placed there, there should be no problem with doing that.
> Technically we can place almost anything there.
> Neutron - Kuryr cross project session
> =====================================
> Etherpad for the session is at [4].
> Kuryr team proposed 4 improvements for Neutron which would help a lot Kuryr.
> Ideas are:
> * Network cascade deletion,
> * Force subport deletion,
> * Tag resources at creation time,
> * Security group creation with rules & bulk security group rule creation
> All of those ideas makes sense for Neutron team. Tag resources at creation time
> is even accepted rfe already - see [5] but there was no volunteer to implement
> it. We will add it to list of our BPs tracked weekly on team meeting. Miguel
> Lavalle is going to take a look at it during this cycle.
> For other proposals we need to have RFEs reported first.
> Starting the process of removing ML2/Linuxbridge
> ================================================
> Currently in Neutron tree we have 4 drivers:
> * Linuxbridge,
> * Openvswitch,
> * macvtap,
> * sriov.
> SR-IOV driver is out of discussion here as this driver is
> addressing slightly different use case than other out drivers.
> We started discussion about above topic because we don't want to end up with too
> many drivers in-tree and we also had some discussions (and we have spec for that
> already) about include networking-ovn as in-tree driver.
> So with networking-ovn in-tree we would have already 4 drivers which can be used
> on any hardware: linuxbridge, ovs, macvtap and ovn.
> Conclusions from the discussion are:
> * each driver requires proper testing in the gate, so we need to add many new
>   jobs to our check/gate queue,
> * currently linuxbridge driver don't have a lot of development and feature
>   parity gaps between linuxbridge and ovs drivers is getting bigger and bigger
>   (e.g. dvr, trunk ports),
> * also macvtap driver don't have a lot of activity in last few cycles. Maybe
>   this one could be also considered as candidate to deprecation,
> * we need to have process of deprecating some drivers and time horizon for such
>   actions should be at least 2 cycles.
> * we will not remove any driver completly but rather we will move it to be in
>   stadium process first so it still can be maintained by people who are
>   interested in it.
> Actions to do after this discussion:
> * Miguel Lavalle will contact RAX and Godaddy (we know that those are
>   Linuxbridge users currently) to ask about their feedback about this,
> * if there are any other companies using LB driver, Nate Johnston is willing to
>   help conctating them, please reach to him in such case.
> * we may ratify marking linuxbridge as deprecated in the team meeting during
>   Ussuri cycle if nothing surprising pops in.
> Encrypted(IPSec) tenant networks
> ================================
> Interesting topic proposed but we need to have RFE and spec with more detailed
> informations about it to continue discussions.
> Medatada service over IPv6
> ==========================
> This is continuation of old RFE [6].
> The only real problem is to choose proper IPv6 address which will be well known
> address used e.g. by cloud-init.
> Original spec proposed fe80::a9fe:a9fe as IPv6 address to access metadata
> service.
> We decided to be bold and define the standard.
> Bence Romsics and Miguel Lavalle volunteered to reach out to cloud-init
> maintainers to discuss that.
> walkthrough of OVN
> ==================
> Since some time we have in review spec about ml2/ovs and ovn convergence. See
> [7] for details.
> List of parity gaps between those backends is available at [8].
> During the discussion we talked about things like:
> * migration from ml2/ovs to ml2/ovn - some scripts are already done in [9],
> * migration from ml2/lb to ml2/ovn - there was no any work done in this topic so
>   far but it should be doable also if someone would need it and want to invest
>   own time for that,
> * include networking-ovn as in-tree neutron driver and reasons why it could be
>   good idea.
>   Main reasons of that are:
> ** that would help growing networking-ovn community,
> ** would help to maintain a healthy project team,
> ** the default drivers have always been in-tree,
>   However such inclusion may also hurt modularity/logical separation/dependency
>   management/packaging/etc so we need to consider it really carefully and
>   consider all points of view and opinions.
> Next action item on this topic is to write more detailed summary of this topic
> and send it to ML and ask wider audience for feedback.
> IPv6 devstack tempest test configuration vs OVN
> ===============================================
> Generally team supports idea which was described during this session and we
> should change sligtly IPv6 config on e.g. devstack deployments.
> Neutron - Edge SIG session
> ==========================
> We discussed about RFE [10]. This will require also changes on placement side.
> See [11] for details.
> Also some cyborg and ovn related changes may be relevant to topics related to
> Edge.
> Currently specs which we have are only related to ML2/OVS solution.
> Neutron - Nova cross project session
> ====================================
> Etherpad for this session is on [12]. Summary written already by gibi can be
> found at [13].
> On [14] You can find image which shows in visual way problem with live-migration
> of instances with SR-IOV ports.
> Policy handling in Neutron
> ==========================
> The goal of the session was to plan on Neutron's side similar effort to what
> services like nova are doing now to use new roles like reader and scopes, like
> project, domain, system provided by Keystone.
> Miguel Lavalle volunteered to work on this for Neutron and to be part of popup
> team for cross project collaboration on this topic.
> Neutron performance improvements
> ================================
> Miguel Lavalle shown us his new profiling decorator [15] and how we all can use
> it to profile some of API calls in Neutron.
> Reevaluate Stadium projects
> ===========================
> This was follow up discussion after forum session. Notes from forum session can
> be found at [16].
> Nate also prepared some good data about stadium projects activity in last
> cycles. See at [17] and [18] for details.
> We all agreed that projects which are in (relatively) good condition now are:
> * networking-ovn,
> * networking-odl,
> * ovsdbapp
> Projects in bad condition are other projects, like:
> * neutron-interconnection,
> * networking-sfc,
> * networking-bagpipe/bgpvpn,
> * networking-midonet,
> * neutron-fwaas and neutron-fwaas-dashboard,
> * neutron-dynamic-routing,
> * neutron-vpnaas and neutron-vpnaas-dashboard,
> We decided to immediately remove neutron-interconnection project as it was never
> really implemented.
> For other of those projects, we will send emails to ML to ask for potential
> maintainers of those projects. If there will be no any volunteers to maintain
> some of those projects, we will deprecated them and move to "x/" namespace in 2
> cycles.
> Floating IP's On Routed Networks
> ================================
> There is still interest of doing this. Lajos Katona started adding some scenario
> tests for routed networks already as we need improved test coverage for this
> feature.
> Miguel Lavalle said that he will possibly try to work on implementing this in
> Ussuri cycle.
> L3 agent enhancement
> ====================
> We talked about couple potential improvements of existing L3 agent, all proposed
> by LIU Yulong.
> * retire metering-agent
>   It seems that there is some interest in metering agent recently so we
>   shouldn't probably consider of retiring it for now.
>   We also talked about adding new "tc based" driver to the metering agent and
>   this discussion can be continue on rfe bug [19].
> * Centralized DNAT (non-DVR) traffic (floating IP) Scale-out
>   This is proposal of new DVR solution. Some details of this new solution are
>   available at [20].
>   We agreed that this proposal is trying to solve some very specific use case,
>   and it seems to be very complicated solution with many potential corner cases
>   to address. As a community we don't want to introduce and maintain such
>   complicated new L3 design.
> * Lazy-load agent side router resources when no related service port
>   Team wants to see RFE with detailed description of the exact problem which
>   this is trying to solve and than continue discussion on such RFE.
> Zuul jobs
> =========
> In this session we talked about jobs which we can potentially promote to be
> voting (and we didn't found any of such) and about jobs which we maybe can
> potentially remove from our queues.
> Here is what we agreed:
> * we have 2 iptables_hybrid jobs - one on Fedora and one on Ubuntu - we will
>   drop one of those jobs and left only one of them,
> * drop neutron-grenade job as it is running still on py27 - we have grenade-py3
>   which is the same job but run on py36 already,
> * as it is begin of the cycle, we will switch in devstack neutron uwsgi to be
>   default choice and we will remove "-uwsgi" jobs from queue,
> * we should compare our single node and multinode variants of same jobs and
>   maybe promote multinode jobs to be voting and then remove single node job - I
>   volunteered to do that,
> * remove our existing experimental jobs as those jobs are mostly broken and
>   nobody is run those jobs in experimental queue actually,
> * Yamamoto will check failing networking-midonet job and propose patch to make
>   it passing again,
> * we will change neutron-tempest-plugin jobs for branch in EM phase to always
>   use certain tempest-plugin and tempest tag, than we will remove those jobs
>   from check and gate queue in master branch,
> Stateless security groups
> =========================
> Old RFE [21] was approved for neutron-fwaas project but we all agreed that this
> should be now implemented for security groups in core Neutron.
> People from Nuage are interested in work on this in upstream.
> We should probably also explore how easy/hard it will be to implement it in
> networking-ovn backend.
> Old, stagnant specs
> ===================
> During this session we decided to abandon many of old specs which were proposed
> long time ago and there is currently no any activity and interest in continue
> working on them.
> If anyone would be interested in continue work on some of them, feel free to
> contact neutron core team on irc or through email and we can always reopen such
> patch.
> Community Goal things
> =====================
> We discussed about currently proposed community goals and who can take care of
> which goal on Neutron's side.
> Currently there are proposals of community goals as below:
> * python3 readiness - Nate will take care of this,
> * move jobs definitions to zuul v3 - I will take care of it. In core neutron and
>   neutron-tempest-plugin we are (mostly) done. On stadium projects' side this
>   will require some work to do,
> * Project specific PTL and contributor guides - Miguel Lavalle will take care of
>   this goal as former PTL,
> We will track progress of community goals weekly in our team meetings.
> Neutron-lib
> ===========
> As some time ago our main neutron-lib maintainer (Boden) leaved from the
> project, we need some new volunteers to continue work on it. Todo list is
> available on [22].
> This should be mostly important for people who are maintaining stadium projects
> or some 3rd party drivers/plugins so if You are doing things like that, please
> check list from [22] and reach out to us on ML or #openstack-neutron IRC
> channel.
> [1] https://www.slideshare.net/SawomirKaposki/neutron-on-boarding-room
> [2] https://github.com/gotostack/shanghai_ptg/blob/master/shanghai_neutron_ptg_topics_liuyulong.pdf
> [3] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Shanghai-Neutron-Cyborg-xproj
> [4] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kuryr-neutron-nice-to-have
> [5] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1815933
> [6] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1460177
> [7] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/658414/
> [8] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ML2-OVS-OVN-Convergence
> [9] https://github.com/openstack/networking-ovn/tree/master/migration
> [10] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1832526
> [11] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-October/009991.html
> [12] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ptg-ussuri-xproj-nova-neutron
> [13] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-November/010654.html
> [14] https://imgur.com/a/12PrQ9W
> [15] https://review.opendev.org/678438
> [16] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/PVG-Neutron-stadium-projects-the-path-forward
> [17] https://ethercalc.openstack.org/neutron-stadium-train-metrics
> [18] https://ibb.co/SBzDGdD
> [19] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1817881
> [20] https://imgur.com/a/6MeNUNb
> [21] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1753466
> [22] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron-lib-volunteers-and-punch-list
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