[dev] Upgrading flake8 to support f-strings

Sorin Sbarnea ssbarnea at redhat.com
Fri Nov 22 13:51:10 UTC 2019

Keep in mind pre-commit tool != git-hooks, is like confusing JavaScript with Java ;)

By default pre-commit does not install any hooks. Yes, you can install them, but in 9/10 cases I don't, I only have an alias pc="pre-commit run -a" which I run before each git-review. In fact I was considering adding an optional feature to git-review to auto run this when the repository has a .pre-commit-config.yml file.

I am glad someone else opened the pre-commit subject before me. While it comes with its own challenges (git cloning), pre-commit resolves the problem of having predictable linter results by pinning them. Also it enables vey easy bumping of all of them.

AFAIK, over the last year I removed hacking from several projects and replaced it with pre-commit and I am much happier.

Not sure if others know but both bashate and doc8 can be used from pre-commit too.

Extra bonus: we can avoid the case where we end-up having tons of jobs performing linting or style checks. 

> On 22 Nov 2019, at 13:11, Sean Mooney <smooney at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2019-11-21 at 15:32 -0800, Dan Smith wrote:
>>> nova only has a couple but it might be intersting to convert those to precommit scripts.
>>> looking through them some of them do seam useful although other are just python 2 vs python 3
>>> guidline that i hope will be less relevant now.
>> I would so very much love if we did NOT do that. Precommit hooks are
>> super annoying for writing up quick PoCs and DNM patches, which we do a
>> lot.
> ya true although i was referign to the precommit framework which we previously disucssed and said
> shoudl be optional to install. do you think we should keep/maintain hacking in nova and or port these
> to something else if not? anyway it was just a thought i dont want it to be mandaroy on every commit
> for the poc hacking reason either but it might be a way to keep the checks without having to contiue to
> maintain hacking.
>> --Dan

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