AW: [gnocchi][telemetry][ceilometer][cloudkitty] Gnocchi unmaintained

Luka Peschke luka.peschke at
Tue Nov 19 10:20:45 UTC 2019

My two cents from my experience on cloudkitty: We had to implement 
several storage drivers, and faced more or less the same issues as the 
telemetry team did before us. We had a gnocchi driver at some point, 
which worked pretty well, but ended up being very hacky because gnocchi 
lacked flexibility for non-openstack metrics (ie. data models which 
aren't resource-based).

We ended up implementing a driver for InfluxDB which has relatively 
good perfs. But given that the open-source version of InfluxDB does not 
support HA/clustering, we also implemented an experimental Elasticsearch 
driver (which requires ES>=6.5).

The recent ES releases have really improved the support for timeseries, 
and it is the storage backend for elastic beats.

Given that many openstack deployments already have an Elasticsearch 
deployment for logs, and the large adoption of ES, it'd be my choice for 
a new Ceilometer storage driver.

However, Gnocchi is pretty stable in 4.3, and well integrated with 
Ceilometer. Wouldn't it be less effort to keep it functional for now (ie 
only bug/security fixes, no new features), instead of re-integrating 
deleted features to ceilometer ?


Luka Peschke (peschk_l)

Le 2019-11-19 10:51, Tobias Urdin a écrit :
> It sure is, we as well abandoned the MongoDB backend for Gnocchi
> which works pretty well.
> Would be a shame if a migration back would be required, maybe we can
> get a discussion going on a more
> long-term solution as was discussed when talking about the future of 
> Ceilometer.
> Supporting Gnocchi or moving to another open source project as a
> storage backend that is stable and maintained.
> There were (and still is? Though unofficial out-of-tree) storage
> backends for Ceilometer that publishes to InfluxDB.
> I were never able to follow-up on the meetings (I probably missed a
> lot of it) regarding the Ceilometer roadmap [1].
> [1]
> On 11/19/19 10:29 AM, Blom, Merlin, NMU-OI wrote:
>> Thanks for your work on ceilometer!
>> The gnocchi situation is realy sad.
>> We implemented solutions on Gnocchi and ceilometer.
>> In my opinion you abandoned the mongodb support for performance 
>> reasons and now you are going back to it?
>> Has mongodb made any significant performance improvements for time 
>> series data?
>> Best regards,
>> Merlin
>> VON: Lingxian Kong <anlin.kong at>
>> GESENDET: Dienstag, 19. November 2019 10:03
>> AN: Radosław Piliszek <radoslaw.piliszek at>
>> CC: openstack-discuss <openstack-discuss at>
>> BETREFF: Re: [gnocchi][telemetry][ceilometer][cloudkitty] Gnocchi 
>> unmaintained
>> We (ceilometer team) will probably add Ceilometer API and mongodb 
>> support back, considering the current Gnocchi project situation. 
>> However, Gnocchi will still be supported as a publisher in Ceilometer.
>> -
>> Best regards,
>> Lingxian Kong
>> Catalyst Cloud
>> On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 9:54 PM Radosław Piliszek 
>> <radoslaw.piliszek at> wrote:
>>> Hello Folks,
>>> It looks like gnocchi is "officially" marked as unmaintained: 
>>> [1]
>>> Has there been any discussion regarding how it affects OpenStack 
>>> projects? And/or are there any plans to amend this situation?
>>> -yoctozepto
> Links:
> ------
> [1]

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