[neutron] Removing neutron-interconnection out of stadium

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Sat Nov 16 16:52:46 UTC 2019

On 16/11/2019 16.38, thomas.morin at orange.com wrote:
> Hi stackers & neutrinos,
> I understand the need to adapt the project status to the lack of
> activity on the project in the past year.
> During this time, my time as a reviewer, preventing the code submitted
> to be merged, has been taken by other activites (still OpenStack related!).
> Having been at the origin of the project, I have to apologize for the
> lack of communication of where we were about this project.
> My apologies for that.
> We still would like to have a place to let the proposal exit, code be
> reviewed and tested.
> Hosting under "x/" would work for us.

Sure, no problem. Please read first
- that's the process that applies here.

So, we retire the repo completely (with the existing changes) - and you
can anytime push up a new change to create the repo in the "x" namespace
import the content (minus the retirement change) into it...

I'll quickly review such an import if it shows up,

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