[nova] Displayed state of VM when nova-compute is down/unresponsive.

Laurent Dumont laurentfdumont at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 19:15:06 UTC 2019

Hey everyone,

We had a discussion with some colleagues at work. There was some confusion
over the expected behavior of Openstack/Nova regarding the state of VMs on
a compute that is down(or one where Nova is in a "bad" state and unable to
update properly). Right now, it seems that the VMs will stay in the last
state they we're seen. We we're wondering if there was a way to expose the
fact that the underlying hypervisor is down? Something like a "Warning : no
data from compute since xx:xx:xx" I did not see any documentation regarding
a possible configuration option somewhere but a lot of posts with people
with similar questions.

I understand that the state of the VM shouldn't be changed based on the
status of a compute - but exposing the fact that the state itself is not
current might be good middle-ground. I do see a possible issue with the
fact that the hypervisor itself is not known if the User/Project is not

Is anyone aware of anything similar in the past?

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