[nova][ptg] Flavor explosion

Balázs Gibizer balazs.gibizer at est.tech
Thu Nov 14 08:37:14 UTC 2019

On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 16:09, Brin Zhang(张百林) 
<zhangbailin at inspur.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  Based on the discussion on the Train PTG, and reference to the 
> records on the etherpad and ML, I was updated that SPEC, and I think 
> there are some details need to be discussed, and I have listed some 
> details,
>  if there are any other things that I have not considered, or if some 
> place that I thoughtless, please post a discussion.
>  List some details as follows, and you can review that spec in 
> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/663563.
>  Listed details:
>    - Don't change the model of the flavor in nova code and in the db.
>   - No change for operators who choose not to request the flavor 
> extra specs group.
>   - Requested more than one flavor extra specs groups, if there are 
> different values for the same spec will be raised a 409.
>   - Flavor in request body of server create that has the same spec in 
> the request ``flavor_extra_specs_group``, it will be raised a 409.
>   - When resize an instance, you need to compare the 
> ``flavor_extra_specs_group`` with the spec request spec, otherwise 
> raise a 400.

Thanks Brin for updating the spec, I did a review round on it and left 


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