[kolla] Repository setup in non-internet environment.

Eddie Yen missile0407 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 10:31:00 UTC 2019

Hi Christian, thanks for your reply and suggestion.

In some cases we met, all kinds of internet access method (proxy server,
mobile internet, etc.) are restricted.
And in some previous release (like Rocky), pip packages still necessary.
So we will prepare the whole local repository and registry in this kind of

When kolla-ansible going to bootstrapping servers, it will insert docker-ce
repository. But this is already hard-coded (pointed to download.docker.com).
Also no pip local repository setup during bootstrapping.
So I gonna do is let them become functional. User can configure local
docker-ce and pip repository in globals.yml directly if needed.

BTW, glad to know about ansible-mirror. I'd like to try it if I have a time.

Many thanks,

Christian Berendt <berendt at betacloud-solutions.de> 於 2019年11月7日 週四 下午5:25寫道:

> Hello Eddie.
> > On 6. Nov 2019, at 13:28, Eddie Yen <missile0407 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > 1. Docker-ce repository.
> Use an APT mirror. For example Aptly.
> > 2. Pip repository.
> > (Also having others perhaps.)
> Packages from Pypi should no longer be necessary for the use of
> Kolle-Ansible. For some time now.
> If that's still the case, use a Pypi Mirror. For example Devpi.
> The Docker images can also be mirrored. Use a local Docker registry to do
> this.
> The use of an HTTP proxy like Squid is also possible. This proxy must have
> online access.
> The use of Nexus OSS is also a possibility. Then you only have one central
> mirror service.
> If you want to build completely offline you can't avoid single mirrors for
> the single packages (Docker, APT, Pypi).
> We provide a role under https://github.com/osism/ansible-mirror to deploy
> individual mirror services with Docker Compose.
> > Does Kolla planning to support non-internet deployment? I would like to
> do this if possible.
> This is already possible and we do this very often.
> HTH, Christian.
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