[release] Release countdown for week R-2, March 25-29

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Thu Mar 21 17:22:14 UTC 2019

Hard to believe we are already at R-2. The next couple weeks will go by fast.

Development Focus

Teams should be working on any release critical bugs that would require another RC before the final release, and thinking about plans for Train.

General Information

The release team has proposed RC1 releases for all cycle-with-rc deliverables. Thank you to all who either acknowledged readiness with a +1 or updated those to pick up any remaining commits needed for a good RC.

For those that have not had a response, in order to have a good branching point for stable/stein, we will be approving the remaining patches on March 22. Any further changes needed for Stein will need to be merged to master and backported to stable/stein and a new RC requested.

After all of the cycle-with-rc projects have branched we will branch devstack, grenade, and the requirements repos. This will effectively open them back up for Train development, though the focus should still be on finishing up Rocky until the final release.


Watch for any translation patches coming through and merge them quickly.

If your project has a stable/stein branch created, please make sure those
patches are also merged there. Keep in mind there will need to be a final
release candidate cut to capture any merged translations and critical bug fixes
from this branch.

Please also check for completeness in release notes and add any relevant
"prelude" content. These notes are targetted for the downstream consumers of
your project, so it would be great to include any useful information for those
that are going to pick up and use or deploy the Stein version of your project.

We also have the cycle-highlights information in the project deliverable files.
This one is targeted at marketing and other consumers that have typically been
pinging PTLs every release asking for "what's new" in this release. If you have
not done so already, please add a few highlights for your team that would be
useful for this kind of consumer. After RC1 week, it is not likely that any
information will be used for our initial Press Release that goes out with the
final release, but it could still be useful for any other outside consumer
looking at these for the high level highlights of the release.

This would be a good time for any release:independent projects to add the
history for any releases not yet listed in their deliverable file. These files
are under the deliverable/_independent directory in the openstack/releases

If you have a cycle-with-intermediary release that has merged changes since the
last release, please propose a new one as soon as possible. If we do not
receive release requests for these repos soon we will be forced to create a
release from the latest commit to create a stable/stein branch. The release
team would rather not be the ones initiating this release.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Final RC deadline: April 1
Final Stein release: April 10

Sean McGinnis (smcginnis)

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