[Forum] Feedback - Proposed Forum Schedule

Jimmy McArthur jimmy at openstack.org
Mon Mar 18 17:20:11 UTC 2019

Thank you for the feedback. I've moved the Auto Scaling SIG discussion 
to Monday, 2:50-3:30.


> Duc Truong <mailto:duc.openstack at gmail.com>
> March 15, 2019 at 4:45 PM
> Hi,
> Both the Senlin Project Onboarding and the Auto Scaling SIG Initial 
> Discussion are scheduled for the same time slot at 9am on Tuesday. I’m 
> moderating the Senlin Project Onboarding and would like to attend the 
> Auto Scaling SIG session to represent the Senlin project.
> Is it possible to reschedule one of those session to avoid the conflict?
> Thanks,
> Duc
> Jimmy McArthur <mailto:jimmy at openstack.org>
> March 15, 2019 at 3:30 PM
> Hello All -
> The Forum Selection Committee spent some time last week reviewing 
> submissions.  A big thank you to all of the community members that 
> took time out of their busy schedules to help us review. We look 
> forward to delving into many great discussions Denver.
> Also happy to announce we were able to allocate space for all Forum 
> submissions.  We ended up moving three of the submissions out into the 
> Working Group room, so if you think yours is missing, it's just 
> waiting for its final home.
> We worked hard to prevent any conflicts, but please make sure there 
> are no glaring competing time slots.  With that in mind.. please have 
> a look at the proposed Forum schedule and let us know if you have any 
> concerns:
> https://www.openstack.org/summit/denver-2019/summit-schedule?#track=296
> Please keep in mind, we may not be able to change a session time, but 
> we will do our best on an as needed basis.
> Cheers,
> Jimmy

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