[Release-job-failures] release-post job for openstack/releases failed

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Mar 14 11:03:58 UTC 2019

zuul at openstack.org wrote:
> Build failed.
> - tag-releases http://logs.openstack.org/5c/5ce46e390be04b19145d1f316e8283c09abb628d/release-post/tag-releases/2ed5832/ : POST_FAILURE in 3m 15s
> - publish-tox-docs-static publish-tox-docs-static : SKIPPED


All release post-jobs today had a failure in the cleanup phase while 
cleaning up the signing keys. The 'shred -u ~/.gnupg/*' command fails with:

shred: /home/zuul/.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d: failed to open for writing: 
Is a directory

It is likely due to the switch to use bionic hosts for trusted release jobs.


The tagging happens before that failure, so the release itself is not 
impacted. It does prevent the documentation post-job from running 
though, so releases.openstack.org is currently out of date.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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