[ptl][adjutant][election] PTL Candidacy

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Mar 12 04:25:15 UTC 2019

Hello OpenStackers,

I'm submitting myself as the PTL for Adjutant during the Train cycle.

As the main developer and project lead until now, I'm still the best
suited to continue leading the project.

My focus for Train will be onboarding of new devs, and having them help
me with the refactor work that is still in progress.

As such the planned work is still:
- bringing the codebase to a much nicer state while decoupling certain
elements of our internals, and adding support for async task processing.
- rework the config system
- introduce partial policy support rather than relying on hardcoded
- rework notifications to be pluggable and how/when they are sent
- rework the identity manager as a pluggable construct.
- finish the long planned support for sub-project management
- add project (and resource) termination logic which uses the currently
planned community goal for Stein

It should actually be a productive cycle, and we will in all likelihood
be dropping python2 support by the end of it.

Adrian Turjak

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