[ptl][nova][election] PTL Candidacy

melanie witt melwittt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 02:33:40 UTC 2019

Dear Stackers,

It has been my privilege to serve as PTL of the Nova project over the 
Rocky and Stein cycles, and I would be happy to serve another cycle, if 
you'll have me.

I remain most motivated by serving operators and users in our community. 
I spend as much time as I can communicating with operators at the Summit 
Forum, the PTG, and the #openstack-nova channel to answer questions, 
help with problems, give guidance, obtain feedback, and make changes and 
improvements based on their feedback. I am proud to say that we receive 
operator code contributions regularly in Nova, and I want to do 
everything we can to keep it that way or even increase it. Similarly, 
it's always great when operators participate in our Summit Forum and/or 
PTG sessions. We always have participation and I appreciate that. To 
operators: if there is anything I can do to help you participate, please 
let me know.

Stein was a busy cycle, with one of the primary efforts being the 
placement service extraction. This was an enormous change with 
significant impact on operators, and I worked hard to ensure we had a 
plan that would consider the consumers of our deliverables. I consulted 
with team members with expertise in upgrades and deployment tooling and 
strove to find consensus among members of different groups with 
different priorities.

We made a lot of progress on the placement extraction plan, but because 
upgrade support and testing were not able to be implemented in 
deployment tools in time, we did not delete the placement code from Nova 
in Stein. The placement code is left as a bridge for operators in Stein, 
to be able to run with integrated placement until we have upgrade 
support and testing and operators feel ready to move to extracted 
placement. So, next cycle, we have a lot of important cross-project work 
to do with deployment tools teams to coordinate upgrades support and 
testing, and removal of the placement code from Nova. This of the 
highest priority.

In Stein, I worked on two features focused on usability and operational 
robustness: configurable maximum number of disk devices to attach to a 
single instance and counting quota usage from placement (down/poor 
performing cell resiliency). We landed only the data migration piece of 
the counting quota usage series, but that positions us well to be able 
to migrate a lot of data in Stein and start counting quota usage from 
placement in Train.

Next cycle, I want to focus on coordinating what deployment tools need 
to support upgrading to extracted placement and deletion of the 
placement code in Nova, project management duties, and bugs. It is 
essential that we get the upgrade/extracted placement work squared away 
in Train, as early as possible.

Finally, cross-project efforts are important to me and I participate in 
discussions whenever I can. I actively participated in most of the 
unified limits/oslo.limit sessions at summit and PTG, to lend my 
experience working with quotas in Nova to help those working on the 
design and implementation. And recently, I had a productive discussion 
with Lance Bragstad about Keystone authorization scopes, which resulted 
in him drafting this great document for all of us: 
https://review.openstack.org/638563. I want to help drive adoption of 
auth scopes in Nova, to help Nova become more self-service and enable 
operators to let non-admin users have access to whatever APIs they choose.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your consideration.


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