[puppet] PTL non-candidacy

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Fri Mar 8 15:18:22 UTC 2019

Thanks a lot for your hard work Tobias. I'm glad you're staying around.

On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 4:45 AM Tobias Urdin <tobias.urdin at binero.se> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm announcing that I won't be running for PTL of the Train release
> cycle for the Puppet OpenStack project.
> Due to changes at work I cannot facilitate having my mind exclusively on
> OpenStack for the upcoming six months
> and I would love to see more involvement and new perspectives
> surrounding the Puppet OpenStack project.
> I won't go nowhere though! My personal (and professional) involvement in
> OpenStack is bigger than ever and I'm
> looking forward to another cycle with more existing work. I will keep
> being a core and review and commit changes
> as much as I can.
> I feel proud of our achivements this cycle, my personal feeling is that
> we've got more momentum and it's been really
> great seeing people stepping up and commiting new features,
> improvements, bug fixes and all the cleanup of removed
> configuration options and technical depth that we've had for so many
> releases.
> I would love to come back to the PTL role in the future, if you would
> have me.
> Thanks to all of the people that I've interacted with, and not least all
> of you out there doing any work in the OpenStack scope.
> Remember that you are all awesome :)
> If you've read this far, please bare with me. I just wanted to give a
> brief recap on what we've achieved, together, this cycle.
> * Remove and/or deprecated hundreds of configuration options that either
> did nothing or was already removed from projects
> * Removed the keystone related auth_uri option for www_authenticate_uri
> * Started work to minimize the dependencies between classes that is the
> main cause for duplicate declarations
> * Fixed structure of all modules to conform with Puppet standards
> * Added Ubuntu Stein support (python3 only!)
> * Publishing all modules to Puppetforge automatically (shoutout for
> Infra and release team for the huge help here!)
> * Moved keystone to port 5000 only, changed all v2.0 to v3 references,
> deprecated all paste and PKI related code
> * Move almost all testing to rspec-puppet-facts (only puppet-keystone left)
> * Started work moving away from non-Apache licensed Puppet modules
> * Added new puppet-placement module, deprecated deploying placement from
> puppet-nova
> * Converted all Puppet parser functions to Puppet 4 API functions
> * puppet-nova deprecated cells v1, Support native TLS for migration and
> disks over NBD
> * Apache WSGI support for Sahara, Octavia, Nova metadata API
> * Deprecated Puppet 4 support, added Puppet 6 support
> * All testing uses Ubuntu Bionic or CentOS 7
> And a lot more! Lastly, to anybody that is considering running for PTL I
> stongly encourage you to run.
> To anybody; I'm always available on IRC for feedback, questions or if
> you just want to say hello or chat about something.
> Best regards
> Tobias (tobias-urdin on IRC)

Emilien Macchi
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