Using Trove with Rocky

Darek Król dkrol3 at
Thu Mar 7 15:46:27 UTC 2019

Hello Ankit,

could you share more details regarding your configuration?
How did you create the qcow image ?
What do you mean by "the status shows building but the instance is up
and running" ? Do you mean Trove service or vm instance with the built
image ?

What do you see when you run $ openstack server show <vm_name>
$ openstack database instance show <vm_name> ?


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>I am trying to use Trove with Rocky. i am able to make a qcow image using
>the scripts provided in trove [ disk builder ] . Unfortunately, when i
>start trove, the status shows building but the instance is up and running.

>I feel that the problem is regarding the improper setup of the trove image.
>Can someone guide me with the steps to create a trove image and launch it
>using kolla ansible

>*With Regards,*

>*Ankit Awal*

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