[ptl][keystone][election] PTL Candidacy

Colleen Murphy colleen at gazlene.net
Thu Mar 7 12:11:06 UTC 2019

Please consider my candidacy for the role of keystone PTL.

I have been involved with keystone for a little over three years and have loved
it from the beginning. My first introduction to keystone was from the
perspective of a deployer project contributor, while I was working on getting
the Puppet-OpenStack modules to work with the keystone v3 API. I found the
problem space fascinating and the people warm and welcoming. Given free reign
at the time to work on anything that interested me, I chose to jump into
keystone. I currently work at SUSE as a cloud engineer specializing in the
keystone component.

I see keystone as being in a unique position in the OpenStack ecosystem as a
sort of backbone of OpenStack. As such, the challenges we face as a team are
somewhat self-imposed: we don't have vendors pressuring us to get features in,
but rather we push ourselves to add features to make OpenStack as a whole
better. Deficiencies in keystone means hardship for nearly all OpenStack
operators and difficulties for other OpenStack developers. It's a tough burden
to bear and yet it's what makes keystone the most fun to work on.

As PTL, my top technical focus will be in continuing the great work Lance has
done around improving the policy and RBAC experience for operators, and helping
to drive the changes needed in the rest of the OpenStack to fulfill this
long-overdue goal. We will work to envision and fulfill the TC's technical
vision for OpenStack[1][2], striving for true multitenancy and enabling a
completely self-service solution.

Aside from that, I will not plan to drive many features. Instead I will work to
empower other developers to drive feature work and grow into maintainers, by
taking a step back to clean up technical debt, fix longstanding bugs, and
enhance our CI test coverage and performance measuring. I will invest heavily
in our contributor documentation, digging up and writing down the team's tribal
knowledge, and I'd like to start building out and documenting reference
architectures for keystone in conjunction with operators and working groups.

As a team, we need to continue to encourage and recruit new contributors and
grow them into the core team. We do that by continuing to participate in
mentoring programs like Outreachy or in university capstone classes, by
reaching out to users and operators and helping them contribute back, by
creating bite-sized chunks of work that a new person can tackle quickly (Lance
did a great job of this by breaking up the system scope and reader role work
into separate tasks), and by continuing to be ourselves: friendly and
welcoming, non-nitpicky, helpful and responsive. In the last few months we've
already seen a pickup in long-term maintainers and it's been a welcome sight.

I want to thank Lance for doing an amazing job as PTL for the last few years
and for everything he's accomplished, and I can only hope to live up to the
example he's set.

Thank you for your consideration.

Colleen Murphy (cmurphy)

[1] https://governance.openstack.org/tc/reference/technical-vision.html
[2] https://review.openstack.org/641374

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