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good job.


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This is the January/February edition of the Senlin monthly(ish)
newsletter.  The goal of the newsletter is to highlight happenings in
the Senlin project.  If you have any feedback or questions regarding
the contents, please feel free to reach out to me in the #senlin IRC


* We are almost at Stein-3 milestone which coincides with the feature
  freeze during the week of March 4.  Please submit your changes for
  review before then.

Blueprint Status

* Fail fast locked resource
  - Working on documentation and release notes.

* Multiple detection modes
  - Working on documentation and release notes.

Community Goal Status

* Python 3
  - All patches by Python 3 goal champions for zuul migration,
    documentation and unit test changes have been merged.
  - We have set py35 functional tests as voting in gate.

* Upgrade Checkers
  - I have added a patch set to check for unsupported health policies:

Reviews Needed

* Improve Health Manager to avoid duplicate health checks:

* Fixing devstack tempest jobs for master and stable/rocky:
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