[neutron][devstack] Using git source for networking devstack based jobs

Sean Mooney smooney at redhat.com
Tue Mar 5 19:15:17 UTC 2019

On Tue, 2019-03-05 at 18:52 +0000, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> On 2019-03-05 11:31:16 -0700 (-0700), Boden Russell wrote:
> [...]
> > The question is; do we want these devstack jobs using their dependencies
> > from git source, or should they be using tagged branches/releases of
> > them instead??
> [...]
> The primary risk with developing only against unreleased source of
> your dependencies, when your users expect to deploy your releases
> with released dependencies, is that you can end up accidentally
> releasing something which only works with unreleased and potentially
> unsupported states of its dependencies. You do still need some means
> of confirming your releases can work when used strictly with
> released versions of its dependencies, so as to prevent this.
> Testing against released dependencies instead side-steps this
> problem, but at the loss of easy testing against upcoming dependency
> versions.
so personally i would expect the majority of neutrons gate jobs to used the released versions
but we proablly coudl have a neutron-next jobs that was bassically the full tempst job that specifically used master

that is basically what we do with os-vif.
nova uses os-vif form pip
we have an experimental job we can run to use os-vif form souce on any nova chagne and
obviosly os-vif itself uses os-vif from gerrit + nova master

we dont use os-vif master in the default nova jobs but we could if it was needed.
sofar that has not been an issue since we have the experimental job we can alway do
a spot check.

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