[TripleO] boot from SAN via FCoE

Tomáš Bredár tomas.bredar at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 11:23:58 UTC 2019


I'm struggling with an issue, hopefully someone from this list could help

I'm deploying OpenStack Queens with TripleO and would like to deploy my
overcloud nodes to disks on my SAN environment. I use virtual-connect
flexfabric interfaces and this provides FCoE connection to my nodes.
In order to see the LUNs from the SAN in Centos I need to install
fcoe-utils package and configure the corresponding eth interfaces.
For this I need to build the overcloud-full image and the
ironic-python-agent image to support this and to be able see the disk
drives during introspection.
I was looking for an image element for fcoe boot in [1], but there's none.
I tried to make my custom one, but with no luck yet.
I can't figure out how to make my SAN driver visible via FCoE during

Is there anyone who had a similar issue and solved it?



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