[loci] Cleaning fetch_wheels.py

Jean-Philippe Evrard jean-philippe at evrard.me
Fri Mar 1 16:54:12 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

scripts/fetch_wheels.py could deserve more love, as it's not really DRY, and to be honest,
I still wonder the value of some of it.

For example, I've seen multiple failures in the protocol_detection method.
And, in the face of ambiguity, I would prefer to avoid the temptation to guess :)

We've discussed with Chris about the removal at our weekly meeting, and he was not opposed to it.

Would you be okay if I remove this protocol_detection method, instead relying on user provided information in the `REGISTRY_PROTOCOL` argument? (Which would default to http). If no answer within a week, I would consider that nobody cares or everyone agrees, and therefore I will go on with the cleanup :p

Jean-Philippe Evrard (evrardjp)

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