Re: [placement][docs][packaging] rpm- and deb- related placement install docs

Colleen Murphy colleen at
Wed Jun 19 17:31:14 UTC 2019


On Wed, Jun 19, 2019, at 08:57, Chris Dent wrote:
> The placement install docs [1] have the following warning plastered
> on top:
>      These installation documents are a work in progress. Some of the
>      distribution packages mentioned are not yet available so the
>      instructions will not work.
> It is likely that packages are now available, but the docs have not
> been updated to reflect that, nor have the docs been verified
> against those packages.
> None of the regular and active contributors to placement are
> involved with distro-related packaging. In addition they are all
> already fully booked. Are there members of the community who are
> involved with the distros, and who can update and verify these docs?

SUSE has packages for Placement now. I've gone ahead and made the adjustments to the docs:

Thanks for pointing it out.


> If not, we will likely need to remove the distro related install
> documents before the end of the Train release and solely maintain
> the install-from-pypi docs [2] (which are up to date). This is
> because the existing docs are now misleading, and thus potentially
> dangerous and extra-work-inducing, as suggested by a recent bug [3].
> If you are interested in helping out, please follow up. If you're
> unable to help out, but know people involved with packaging who
> should know about this concern, please let them know.
> Thanks for your help.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]!/story/2005910
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