Are most grenade plugin projects doing upgrades wrong?

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at
Thu Jun 13 13:45:11 UTC 2019

While fixing how the watcher grenade plugin is cloning the watcher repo 
for the base (old) side [1] to hard-code from stable/rocky to 
stable/stien, I noticed that several other projects with grenade plugins 
aren't actually setting a stable branch when cloning the plugin for the 
old side [2]. So I tried removing the stable/stein branch from the base 
plugin clone in watcher [3] and grenade cloned from master for the base 
(old) side [4]. Taking designate as an example, I see the same thing 
happening for it's grenade run [5].

Is there something I'm missing here or are most of the openstack 
projects running grenade via plugin actually just upgrading from master 
to master rather than n-1 to master?





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