[SIG][WG] Shanghai PTG Changes

Dmitry Tantsur dtantsur at redhat.com
Wed Jun 12 07:47:59 UTC 2019


Thank you for the update!

Could you please clarify how many days the whole event will take in the end, 5 or 6?


On 6/12/19 12:56 AM, Kendall Nelson wrote:
> Hello All,
> After Denver we were able to take time to reflect on the improvements we can 
> make now that the PTG will occur immediately following the summit for the near 
> future.While Shanghai will have its own set of variables, it's still good to 
> reevaluate how we allocate time for groups and how we structure the week overall.
> tldr;
> - No BoFs, try to focus more specific discussions into topics for the Forum and 
> follow up with PTG slot for more general conversations
> - PTG slots can be as short as 1/4 of a day
> - More shared space at the Shanghai venue, less dedicated space
> - New breakdown: 1.5 days of Forum and 3.5 days of PTG
> - Survey will be out in a few weeks for requesting PTG space
> For many of you (and myself as FC SIG Chair) there were a lot of different ways 
> to get time to talk about topics. There was the forum, there were BoF sessions 
> you could request, and there was also the option of having PTG sessions. Using 
> the FC SIG as an example, we had two forum sessions (I think?), a BoF, and a 
> half day at the PTG. This was WAY too much time for us. We didn't realize it 
> when we were asking for space all the different ways, but we ended up with a lot 
> of redundant discussions and time in which we didn't do much but just chat 
> (which was great, but not the best use of the time/space since we could have 
> done thatin a hallway and not a dedicated room).
> To account for thisduplication, we are going to get rid of the BoF mechanism for 
> asking for space since largely the topics discussed there could be more cleanly 
> divided into feedback focused Forum sessions and PTG team discussion time. The 
> tentative plan is to try to condense as many of the SIG/WGs PTG slots towards 
> the start of the PTG as we can so that theywill more or less immediately follow 
> the forum so that you can focus on making action items out of the conversations 
> had and the feedback received at the Forum.
> We will also offer a smaller granularity of time that you can request at the 
> PTG. Previously, a half day slot was as small as you could request; this time we 
> will be offering 1/4 day slots (we found with more than one SIG/WG that even at 
> a half day they were done in an hour and a half with all that they needed to 
> talk about).
> The venue itself (similar to Denver) will have a few large rooms for bigger 
> teams to meet, however, most teams will meet in shared space. That being said, 
> we willadd to the PTGbot more clearly defined locations in the shared space so 
> its easier to find groups in shared spaces.
> I regret to inform you that, again, projection will be a very limited commodity. 
> Yeah.. please don't shoot the messenger. Due to using mainly shared space, 
> projectionis just something we are not able to offer.
> The other change I haven't already mentioned is that we are going to have the 
> PTG start a half day early. Instead of only being 3 days like in Denver, we are 
> going to add more time to the PTG and subtract a half day from the Forum. 
> Basically the breakdown will be 1.5 Forum and 3.5 PTG with the Summit 
> overlapping the first two days.
> I will be sending the PTG survey out to SIG Chairs/ WG Leads in a couple weeks 
> with a few changes.
> -Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo)

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