[baremetal-sig][ironic][il8n] Updated whitepaper timeline

Chris Hoge chris at openstack.org
Thu Jul 18 19:19:05 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I’ve updated the bare metal whitepaper draft to include an editorial
schedule (also included in this email) for the planned November
publication date.  Please take a look and offer feedback, particularly
the internationalzation and translation team. With the publication
planned to coincide with the Shanghai Summit, we would like to offer a
translation in Chinese if possible.


July 22 - Solicit contributions from Bare Metal SIG.
July 29 - Review existing document and outline.
August 5 - Assign sections to Bare Metal SIG volunteers.
September 2 - Review of existing work, graphic and design requests to OSF.
October 1 - Content finalized for editorial review and final graphics production.
October 1 - Content to Il8n team for translation
October 21 - Content (text and graphics) finalized for final copy preparation.
November 4 - Publication for OpenInfrastructure Summit Shanghai.


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