[kolla] [freezer] freezer scheduler auth_url error

Fioravanti, Alessio Alessio.Fioravanti at konicaminolta.it
Wed Jul 17 08:05:11 UTC 2019


this is my first post here.

I'm experiencing a problem using freezer-scheduler component. When I create a job and schedule it from Horizon, freezer-scheduler always fails. The error shown in freezer-scheduler.log (from fluentd container) is:

2019-07-17 07:48:23.294 6 WARNING freezer.scheduler.scheduler_job [-] Job 1754ea4157b94acb916f8b9911886792 failed backup action, retrying in 60 seconds
2019-07-17 07:49:24.342 6 ERROR freezer.scheduler.scheduler_job [-] Freezer client error: Critical Error: auth_url required to authenticate. Make sure to export OS_AUTH_URL=http://keystone_url:5000/v3

The instance has been deployed with Kolla. Here some details:


kolla version: 8.0.1rc1

openstack release: stein

base container: centos

host os: ubuntu 18.04

environment: 1 controller on a dedicated host + 1 compute on a dedicated host

Can you please give me your help?



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