[docs][tc] proper retirement of repos

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Mon Jul 8 05:24:54 UTC 2019

On 06/07/2019 19.38, Mohammed Naser wrote:
> [Documentation] openstack/api-site has extra files, please remove:
> .gitignore, .zuul.yaml, LICENSE, api-quick-start, api-ref, bindep.txt,
> common, doc-tools-check-languages.conf, firstapp,
> test-requirements.txt, tools, tox.ini, www
> [Documentation] openstack/faafo has extra files, please remove:
> .gitignore, CONTRIBUTING.rst, LICENSE, Vagrantfile, bin, contrib, doc,
> etc, faafo, requirements.txt, setup.cfg, setup.py,
> test-requirements.txt, tox.ini

These repos were not really retired, they were just removed out of docs
ownership but need a new owner, it still contains files for
developer.openstack.org. api-site is still active. I would propose to
remove content we cannot maintain and move it back into docs if no other
owner is found.

Is there a better way to flag this in governance repo?

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