Finding configuration values

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at
Thu Dec 12 22:38:10 UTC 2019

On 12/12/2019 3:34 PM, Albert Braden wrote:
> This illustrates a problem I’ve seen in Openstack. Many of the 
> configuration settings are undocumented, or the documentation is 
> obscure. The only way for an openstack operator to know the correct 
> setting is to be told by an openstack developer.

Since Pike the docs in each project should be standardized and the 
configuration options should be generated from code. So for example:

So that answers your question about where to go for config docs.

Now if the docs themselves are no good, which would not be a surprise to 
me - developers tend to care more about getting code in than making it 
consumable by others - then you could open a bug against the project. 
Each docs page should have a little bug icon in the top right for 
reporting a docs bug against the project for that page. However, 
reporting the bug doesn't mean it's going to get fixed, so if you have a 
solution or something to write up by all means contribute it to help the 
next person that runs into the same issue.

Also, as for not getting a lot of help in #openstack, it entirely 
depends on who is around, how specific the question is and who is 
actually able to answer it. Sometimes that means going to the 
per-project channels and asking but again, the more specific you can be 
the better. Remember that open source doesn't necessarily mean open 
support so if you go to #openstack-nova and are like, "hey can someone 
help me debug my scheduler configuration?" you're likely not going to 
get much help because the channel is full of ( mostly :) ) busy 
developers working on things for their employer and paying customers.

OpenStack is great but let's be honest and remember that its development 
is primarily driven by huge corporations, not hobbyists.




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