[External] Re: openstack volume snapshots and deleting

Mattia Belluco mattia.belluco at uzh.ch
Fri Dec 6 16:58:27 UTC 2019

To avoid endless COW chains you could also set:

rbd_flatten_volume_from_snapshot = True

in your cinder.conf.

Of course you have to be fine with all volumes created from snapshots to
be flattened: depending on the size the volume creation process can
require a sizable amount of time.


On 12/6/19 4:22 PM, Ratliff, John wrote:
> Creating a volume from a volume with ceph, at least in our configuration
> (which I don't have any authority to change) will not create full volume,
> but rather a COW volume.
> However, I can use rbd flatten on the image, and then delete the snapshot.
> It takes time to copy the image if they're large, which makes sense as to
> why it doesn't do this by default. But that is a reasonable workaround.
> Thanks.
> --John
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> On Thu, Dec 05, 2019 at 06:25:28PM +0000, Ratliff, John wrote:
>> Yes, I  tried this second thing, but it doesn't work either.
>> I created a new instance called test1.example.net.
>> I created a volume snapshot (test1.example.net_ss1) I created a volume 
>> from that snapshot (vol_from_ss) I created a volume from the volume 
>> that was from the snapshot
>> (vol_from_vol_from_ss)
>> I deleted the vol_from_ss (this works) I deleted the snapshot (this 
>> does not work)
> Looking at the RBD driver, it looks like it does not actually follow the
> expected clone semantics. Unless rbd_max_clone is set to 0, or the number of
> clones is less than whatever that is set to, it will actually do a COW
> volume on top of the snapshot.
> This is a performance optimization (it doesn't have to copy all of the data
> into the new volume), but is actually a bug, IMO.
> You can try changing that config option and restarting services to pick that
> up, then trying again.
> Otherwise, it looks like that drivers clone handling will create its own
> snapshot of a volume. So unless you need to keep that snapshot around for
> some other reason, it looks like you should be able to just:
> openstack volume create --source orig-volume new-volume
> And if I follow it right, it will create a snapshot under the covers, then
> use that to create the new volume.
> Hopefully one of those helps.
> Sean

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