[all][requirements][drop-py27-support] Requirements is dropping cross tests with projects that will be dropping support for python2.7 this cycle

Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Thu Dec 5 18:00:38 UTC 2019

---- On Wed, 04 Dec 2019 16:24:24 -0600 Sean McGinnis <sean.mcginnis at gmx.com> wrote ----
 > >
 > > The requirements project is dropping python2.7 cross tests we do for
 > > those projects that are also dropping python2.7 support this cycle.  We
 > > are doing this as wel do not know when projects will drop support
 > > (neutron seems to have done so, cinder is soon as well).  This was
 > > originally scheduled for later but need to be pushed up as we missed the
 > > dependency requirements has on those projects for cross jobs.
 > >
 > Just to expand on this a little from the conversation we had in the
 > requirements channel...
 > The schedule currently has libraries keeping py2 support until milestone 2,
 > which isn't until mid-February. So we're in a tough spot here as far as
 > requirements gating.
 > We would like to continue testing lib updates with py27 to make sure nothing
 > breaks. But at the same time, services are no longer gating on py27, so
 > incompatible changes are creeping in and therefore we are not able to run the
 > full jobs to exercise the updated lib code under py27.
 > Hopefully this is a non-issue and most libs have their own testing under py27
 > that can give a reasonable assurance that things aren't completely broken. It's
 > a temporary problem, and I'm sure February will be here before we know it and
 > the issue will completely go away.
 > In the meantime, please pay attention to lib changes to watch for issues. We
 > may end up getting to a point where we need to accelerate the timeline (and
 > probably deal with some broken gates), but I think we should be able to work
 > through most issues fairly quickly.

+1. I think this is a fair adjustment. Cross testing jobs are the main challenges as
not everyone dropping py2 at the same time so dropping those jobs from candidates
of phase-2/3 is right adjustment.  

If the same issue on tempest-full,  neutron-grenade then, we can convert these also
to their py3 version.


 > Thanks,
 > Sean

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