What's the best recommendation of cache solution for Openstack services?

양유석 ileixe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 02:03:50 UTC 2019

Hi, stackers.

I wonder how other system deal with the problem we encountered. Any
advice would be appreciated.

He had a over 1000 hypervisors and hit some connection bottleneck in a
DB. The DB instance handle all Openstack services (nova, neutron,
cinder, glance ...)

Also, we have some additional systems (kubernetes, consul...) which
periodically request openstack API.

Since most of request from additional systems is READ, I am trying to
find cache approach for Openstack service. Although some services like
keystone has their own caching layer, I could not find general

Is there any project to solve this problem (reduce DB overhead in a
lot of read overhead)
I found oslo.cache only provide decorator for a function, so wonder
there is any service level approach.


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