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Dear all

Here is the summary for forum `Expose SIGs and WGs` (etherpad [1] ).
This concept still under development, so this is an open discussion and
we need more feedbacks.
Here are some general agreements on actions or ideas that we think it's
worth to find the answer.

*Set up guidelines for SIGs/WGs/Teams for interaction specific to this
around tracking cross-project work*
We tend to agree that we kind of lack for a guideline or a sample for
SIGs/WGs, since all SIGs/WGs formed for different interest, we won't try to
unify tools (unless that's what everyone agrees on) or rules for all
groups. What we can do is to give more help to groups and provide a clear
way for how they can set up cross-project works if they want to. Also, we
can provide information on how to reach to users, ops, and developers and
bridge them up. And we can even do a more general guideline or sample on
how other SIGs/WGs are doing with their own workflow. Like self-healing SIG
working on getting user story and feedback and use them to general better
document/guideline for other users. Also, public cloud WG working on
collect issues from public cloud providers and bring those issues to
projects. Those IMO are great examples that we should put them down
somewhere for cross SIGs/WGs consideration. As a further idea, we can even
discuss if it's a common interest to have a SIG to help on SIGs.

*A workflow for tracking:*
This kind of follow above item. If we're going to set up a workflow, what
we can add in to help people live an easier life? This is also an idea that
no one in the room thinks it's a bad one, so it means in long term, it
might worth our time to provide more clear information on what exactly
workflow that we suggest everyone use.

*Discuss SIG spec repo*:
The discussion here is how can we monitoring SIGs/WGs health and track
tasks. When talking about tasks we not just talking about bugs, but also
features that's been considered as essential tasks for SIGs/WGs. We need a
place to put them down in a trackable way (from a user story to a patch for

*Ask foundation about have project update for SIGs/WGs*:
One action we can start right now is to let SIGs/WGs present a project
update  (or even like a session but give each group 5 mins to present).
This should help group getting more attention. And even capable to send
out messages like what's the most important features or bug fixes they
need from project teams, or what's the most important tasks that are under
planning or working on.
Fortunately, we got Melvin Hillsman (UC) volunteer on this task.

We also have some real story (Luzi's story) for people to get a better
understanding of why current workflow can look like for someone who tries
to help.

The thing that we also wish to do is to clear the message here. We think
most of the tools are already there, so we shouldn't need to ask project
teams to do any huge change. But still, we found there are definitely some
improvements that we can do to better bridge users, ops, and developers.
You might find some information here didn't give you a clear answer. And
that's because of we still under open discussion for this. And I assume we
gonna keep finding actions from discussions that we can do right away. We
will try to avoid that we have to do the exact same session with the same
argument over and over again.
So please give your feedback, any idea, or give us your help if you also
care about this.

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/expose-sigs-and-wgs

May The Force of OpenStack Be With You,

*Rico Lin*irc: ricolin
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