[openstack-dev] [Cyborg] Stein PTG summary

Li Liu liliueecg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 18:33:17 UTC 2018

I've written up a high-level summary of the discussions we had at the
PTG -- please feel free to reply to this thread to fill in anything I've

Sorry about the delay, I was really tied up after the PTG

We used our PTG etherpad:

Cyborg Centric:

1. Stein Specs:
        a. os-acc e2e (in queue) -- probably needs to be refactored to move
REST API signatures to Nova specs, and Cyborg-specific details in this spec
        b. DB evolution introducing VAR and device profile concept (need to
add) Yes (part of the Rolling upgrade req)
            i. VAR related APIs spec:
                - GET /vars (optionally with request body of a list of VAR
                - GET /vars/instance/{instance_uuid}
                - GET, POST, PUT, DELETE  /vars/unbound
                - GET, POST, PUT, DELETE  /vars/bound
            ii. Device profiles spec
        c. device discovery (in queue)
        d. pci_white_list (low priority for S ?) low priority.

    2. Drivers:
        a. Land current drivers in the queue: opae, gpu, clock
        b. add Xilinx driver
        c. add NPU driver (possibly from Huawei first, other NPU cards are
welcomed as well)
        d. add RISC-V driver support

    3. DOC: We will catch up with the documentation for Cyborg in the up
coming cycle

    4. Infra:
        a. fake driver to facilitate end-to-end function testing (part of
the Rolling upgrade request)(check with shaohe)
        b. utilize storyboard for task mgmt and tracing

    Discussion with Nova details can be found
    1. Nova Stein Specs:
        a. device-profile e2e (for phase 1)
        b. new nova attach-device api (for phase 2)
    2. Need Nova to complete:
        a. Nested Resource Provider: Keep your eyes on this series and its
associated blueprint:

Note: Nova has made it clear that they do not expect Nova changes needed
for Cyborg to be upstreamed in Stein, because the bar for integration is
high. Cyborg needs to prove rolling upgrade etc., we need to pass CI/gates
with Nova, Nova changes need to be tested at unit/functional/tempest
levels. We have to make a push to get this done against expectations.

    1. Neutron Stein Specs:
        a. Propose a ML2 Plugin (networking-cyborg)
        b. neutron notification : add notification support in cyborg

    1. work with SKT team on LOCI (OCI container image) support for
OpenStack-Helm (after stein-1 or stein-2)
       Is SKT the SIG-K8 team?(they are one of the biggest Korean Telco
Operators :) )
    2. work with SKT team and Dims on the k8s integration design/discussion

Thank you


Li Liu
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