[openstack-dev] [storyboard] Prioritization?

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon Sep 24 22:47:34 UTC 2018

On 2018-09-24 18:35:04 -0400 (-0400), Doug Hellmann wrote:
> At the PTG there was feedback from at least one team that
> consumers of the data in storyboard want a priority setting on
> each story. Historically the response to that has been that
> different users will have different priorities, so each of them
> using worklists is the best way to support those differences of
> opinion.
> I think we need to reconsider that position if it's going to block
> adoption. I think Ben's case is an excellent second example of
> where having a field to hold some sort of priority value would be
> useful.

The alternative suggestion, for teams who want to be able to flag
some sort of bucketed priorities, is to use story tags. We could
even improve the import tool to accept some sort of
priority-to-tag-name mapping so that, say, when we import bugs for
Oslo their oslo-critical tag is applied to any with a critical
bugtask, oslo-medium to any with medium priority tasks, and so on.
Not all teams using StoryBoard will want to have a bucketed priority
scheme, and those who do won't necessarily want to use the same
number or kinds of priorities.
Jeremy Stanley
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