[openstack-dev] [penstack-dev]Discussion about the future of OpenStack in China

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 21:47:23 UTC 2018

On 9/24/2018 12:12 PM, Jay Pipes wrote:
> There were a couple points that I did manage to decipher, though. One 
> thing that both articles seemed to say was that OpenStack doesn't meet 
> public (AWS-ish) cloud use cases and OpenStack doesn't compare favorably 
> to VMWare either.

Yeah I picked up on that also - trying to be all things to all people 
means we do less well at any single thing. No surprises there.

> Is there a large contingent of Chinese OpenStack users that expect 
> OpenStack to be a free (as in beer) version of VMware technology?
> What are the 3 most important features that Chinese OpenStack users 
> would like to see included in OpenStack projects?

Yeah I picked up on a few things as well. The article was talking about 
gaps in upstream services:

a) they did a bunch of work on trove for their dbaas solution, but did 
they contribute any of that work?

b) they mentioned a lack of DRS and HA support, but didn't mention the 
Watcher or Masakari projects - maybe they didn't know they exist?




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