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> Subject: Denver Ops Meetup post-mortem
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>  Hello All,
>   Last week we had a successful Ops Meetup embedded in the OpenStack
> Project Team Gathering in Denver.
> Despite generally being a useful gathering, there were definitely lessons
> learned and things to work on, so I thought it would be useful to share a
> post-mortem. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts on this as well.
> What went well:
> - some of the sessions were great and a lot of progress was made
> - overall attendance in the ops room was good
> - more developers were able to join the discussions
> - facilities were generally fine
> - some operators leveraged being at PTG to have useful involvement in
> other sessions/discussions such as Keystone, User Committee, Self-Healing
> SIG, not to mention the usual "hallway conversations", and similarly some
> project devs were able to bring pressing questions directly to operators.
> What didn't go so well:
> - Merging into upgrade SIG didn't go particularly well
> - fewer ops attended (in particular there were fewer from outside the US)
> - Some of the proposed sessions were not well vetted
> - some ops who did attend stated the event identity was diluted, it was
> less attractive
> - we tried to adjust the day 2 schedule to include late submissions,
> however it was probably too late in some cases
> I don't think it's so important to drill down into all the whys and
> wherefores of how we fell down here except to say that the ops meetups team
> is a small bunch of volunteers all with day jobs (presumably just like
> everyone else on this mailing list). The usual, basically.
> Much more important : what will be done to improve things going forward:
> - The User Committee has offered to get involved with the technical
> content. In particular to bring forward topics from other relevant events
> into the ops meetup planning process, and then take output from ops meetups
> forward to subsequent events. We (ops meetup team) have welcomed this.
> - The Ops Meetups Team will endeavor to start topic selection earlier and
> have a more critical approach. Having a longer list of possible sessions
> (when starting with material from earlier events) should make it at least
> possible to devise a better agenda. Agenda quality drives attendance to
> some extent and so can ensure a virtuous circle.
> - We need to work out whether we're doing fixed schedule events (similar
> to previous mid-cycle Ops Meetups) or fully flexible PTG-style events, but
> grafting one onto the other ad-hoc clearly is a terrible idea. This needs
> more discussion.
> - The Ops Meetups Team continues to explore strange new worlds, or at
> least get in touch with more and more OpenStack operators to find out what
> the meetups team and these events could do for them and hence drive the
> process better. One specific work item here is to help the (widely
> disparate) operator community with technical issues such as getting setup
> with the openstack git/gerrit and IRC. The latter is the preferred way for
> the community to meet, but is particularly difficult now with the
> registered nickname requirement. We will add help documentation on how to
> get over this hurdle.

After you get onto freenode at IRC you can register your nickname with a
single command and then you should be able to join any of the channels. The
command you need: ' /msg nickserv register $PASSWORD $EMAIL_ADDRESS'. You
can find more instructions here about setting up IRC[1].

If you get stuck or have any questions, please let me know! I am happy to
help with the setup of IRC or gerrit or anything else that might be a

> Chris
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> Chris Morgan <mihalis68 at gmail.com>
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-Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo)

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