[openstack-dev] [StoryBoard] Project Update/Some New Things

Adam Coldrick adam at sotk.co.uk
Mon Sep 10 13:43:18 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Its been a long while since a "project update" type email about
StoryBoard, but over the past few months we merged some patches which
either are worth mentioning or changed things in ways that would benefit
from some explanation.

# Linking to projects by name

Keen observers might've noticed that StoryBoard recently grew the ability
to link to projects by name, rather than by ID number. All the links to
projects in the UI have been replaced with links in this form, and its
probably a good idea for folk to start using them in any documentation
they have. These links look like


# Linking to project groups by name

More recently (yesterday) it also became possible to similarly link to
project groups by name rather than ID number. Links to project groups in
the UI have been replaced with links in this form, and again if you have
any documentation using the ID links it might be nice to update to using
the name. These links look like


# Finding stories from a task ID

It is now possible to navigate to a story given just a task ID, if for
whatever reason that's all the information you have available. A link like


will work. This will redirect to the story containing the task, and is the
first part of work to support linking directly to an individual task in a

# UI updates

There have been some visual changes in the webclient's user interface to
attempt to make things generally feel nicer. This work is also not totally
finished and there are further changes planned.

One big change is that the "Profile" button in the sidebar used for
setting preferences and managing access tokens has gone away. The URLs
used to access this functionality are unchanged, but the links in the UI
can now be found by clicking the user name in the top-right to open the
dropdown menu, which previously only contained the log out button.

# Bugfixes

Various minor bugs and annoyances have also been addressed. For example
search should behave somewhat more predictably than it did at the start of
the year, syntax highlighting actually works again, and the markdown
parser should be less aggressive in its swallowing of line breaks.

Stay tuned in the future for more fixes and features, and feel free to pop
into #storyboard with any questions or comments you may have. We're always
open to suggestions and even more open to patches!

We also have a PTG session on Tuesday afternoon, currently intended to be
in Blanca Peak. Feel free to drop by to join the discussions and/or add to
the etherpad[0].

Best regards,

Adam (SotK)

[0]: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sb-stein-ptg-planning

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