[openstack-dev] [cinder][nova][placement] Doodle Calendar Created for Placement Discussion

Jay S Bryant jungleboyj at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 16:23:44 UTC 2018


We discussed in our weekly meeting yesterday that it might be good to 
plan an additional meeting at the PTG to continue discussions with 
regards to Cinder's use of the Placement Service.

I have looked at the room schedule [1] and there are quite a few open 
rooms on Monday.  Fewer rooms on Tuesday but there are still some 
options each day.

Please fill out the poll [2] if you are interested in attending ASAP and 
then I will reserve a room as soon as it looks like we have quorum.

Thank you!


[1] http://ptg.openstack.org/ptg.html

[2] https://doodle.com/poll/4twwhy46bxerrthx

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