[openstack-dev] [election][tc] TC Candidacy

Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Thu Sep 6 07:59:40 UTC 2018

Hi All,

I’d like to announce my candidacy for OpenStack Technical Committee position. 

I am glad to work in OpenStack community and would like to thank all the contributors/leaders who supported me to explore new things which brings out my best for the community.

Let me introduce myself, briefly. I have joined the OpenStack community since 2012 as operator and started as full time upstream contributor since 2014 during mid of Ice-House release. Currently, I am PTL for the QA Program since the Rocky cycle and active contributor in QA projects and Nova. Also I have been randomly contributing in many other projects specially on Tempest plugins for bug fix and tempest compatibility changes. 
Along with that, I am actively involved in programs helping new contributors in OpenStack. 1. As mentor in the Upstream Institute Training since Barcelona Summit (Oct 2016)[1] 2. FirstContact SIG [2] to help new contributors to onboard in OpenStack. It's always a great experience to introduce OpenStack upstream workflow to new contributors and encourage them to start contribution. I feel that is very much needed in OpenStack because of current movement of experience contributors. 

TC direction has always been valuable and result oriented in technical debt or efforts towards Diversity of community. This kind of work/position never been easy task specially in such a big community like OpenStack. By observing the TC work from past couple of years, I am very much motivated to help in this direction in order to contribute more towards cross projects and collaboration among projects or people.   

Below are the areas I would like to Focus as TC:

* Share Project teams work for Common Goals:  Every cycle we have TC goals and some future direction where all the projects needs to start working. Projects try to do their best in that but big challenge for them is resource bandwidth. In Current situation, It is very hard for projects teams to accommodate those work by themselves. Project team are shrinking and key members are overloaded. My Idea is to form a temporary team of contributors under Goal champion and finish those common area work during starting of cycle (so that we can make sure to finish the work well on time and test throughout the cycle). That temporary team can be formed with volunteers from any project team or new part time contributors with help of OUI or FirstContact SIG etc. 
* Cross-project and cross-community testing: I would like to work more on collaboration of testing effort across projects and community. We have plugins approach for testing in OpenStack and I agree that which is not perfect at this stage. I would like to work on more collaboration and guidelines to improve that area.  From QA team point of view, I would like QA team to do more collaborative work for all the projects for their proper testing.  And further, extend the testing collaboration among adjacent communities. 

* Encourage new leaders:  new contributors and so new leaders are much required in community. Some internal or external leadership program etc can be very helpful.  

Regardless of the results of this election I will work hard towards above directions and help community at my best. 

Thank you for your reading and consideration.

- Ghanshyam Mann (gmann)

* Review:  http://stackalytics.com/?release=all&metric=marks&user_id=ghanshyammann&project_type=all 
* Commit:   http://stackalytics.com/?release=all&metric=commits&user_id=ghanshyammann&project_type=all 
* Foundation Profile: https://www.openstack.org/community/members/profile/6461 
* Website: https://ghanshyammann.com 
* IRC (Freenode): gmann

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStack_Upstream_Institute_Occasions 
[2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/First_Contact_SIG 

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