[openstack-dev] [oslo][taskflow] Thoughts on moving taskflow out of openstack/oslo

Clark Boylan cboylan at sapwetik.org
Wed Oct 10 18:43:59 UTC 2018

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018, at 11:35 AM, Greg Hill wrote:
> > I'm not sure how using pull requests instead of Gerrit changesets would
> > help "core reviewers being pulled on to other projects"?
> >
> The 2 +2 requirement works for larger projects with a lot of contributors.
> When you have only 3 regular contributors and 1 of them gets pulled on to a
> project and can no longer actively contribute, you have 2 developers who
> can +2 each other but nothing can get merged without that 3rd dev finding
> time to add another +2. This is what happened with Taskflow a few years
> back. Eventually the other 2 gave up and moved on also.

To be clear this isn't enforced by anything but your reviewer practices. What is enforced is that you have +2 verified, a +2 code review, and +1 Workflow (this is a Gerrit submit requirements function that is also configurable per project). OpenStack requiring multiple +2 code reviews is enforced by humans and maybe the discussion could be "should taskflow and related tools allow single code review approval (and possibly self approval by any remaining cores)?"

It might be a worthwhile discussion to reevaluate whether or not the humans should continue to enforce this rule on all code bases independent of what happens with taskflow.

> > Is this just about preferring not having a non-human gatekeeper like
> > Gerrit+Zuul and being able to just have a couple people merge whatever
> > they want to the master HEAD without needing to talk about +2/+W rights?
> >
> We plan to still have a CI gatekeeper, probably Travis CI, to make sure PRs
> past muster before being merged, so it's not like we're wanting to
> circumvent good contribution practices by committing whatever to HEAD. But
> the +2/+W rights thing was a huge PITA to deal with with so few
> contributors, for sure.
> If it's just about preferring the pull request workflow versus the
> > Gerrit rebase workflow, just say so. Same for just preferring the Github
> > UI versus Gerrit's UI (which I agree is awful).
> >
> I mean, yes, I personally prefer the Github UI and workflow, but that was
> not a primary consideration. I got used to using gerrit well enough. It was
> mostly the  There's also a sense that if a project is in the Openstack
> umbrella, it's not useful outside Openstack, and Taskflow is designed to be
> a general purpose library. The hope is that just making it a regular open
> source project might attract more users and contributors. This may or may
> not bear out, but as it is, there's no real benefit to staying an openstack
> project on this front since nobody is actively working on it within the
> community.
> Greg

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