[openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] blocked gates

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Sat Oct 6 21:43:21 UTC 2018

Hi everyone:

Our gates have unfortunately been blocked because of OpenSUSE failures
and Bionic timeouts, I have submitted a patch to set both to non

Bionic: It seems to take a really long time for APT installs, I'm
investigating and thanks to fungi I hope to have an instance to get it
up and running soon.

OpenSUSE: Package conflicts, nicolasbock is looking into it

I have created a patch to disable both jobs, as well as two patches to
enable them so we can be ready to enable them once they're fixed.

remote:   https://review.openstack.org/608427 Set OpenSUSE and Bionic
jobs to non-voting
remote:   https://review.openstack.org/608428 Restore Bionic jobs to
remote:   https://review.openstack.org/608429 Restore OpenSUSE jobs

Thanks everyone for your patience!


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