[openstack-dev] [tc] agenda for upcoming joint leadership meeting in vancouver

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Wed May 9 20:06:01 UTC 2018

The last time we had a joint leadership meeting, several TC members
expressed the desire to have more information about what was going
to be covered before the meeting. The agenda for the next meeting
(to be held in Vancouver), is in the wiki at
(I suggest "watching" that page to keep an eye on updates because
it is still subject to change). The agenda items are a bit terse,
so I thought I would send this email to give my understanding of
what will be discussed. If you have questions or anything to add,
please post a follow up message.

Welcome to new members --  We start with introductions for new
folks, since there are new members of all 3 groups attending. This
is usually just a chance to put a face with a name, but sometimes
we mention employers. Because of the nature of the board, its members
are usually more interested in who employs new board members than
the TC or UC are about our members.

Executive Team Update -- Jonathan, Lauren, Mark, and Thierry will
give updates about the summit and Foundation. We usually learn things
like registration numbers for the event, major themes, etc.

User Committee Update -- Melvin and Matt will talk about the work
the UC has been doing. I don't have any real details about that.

Strategic Discussions -- I put our topic about seeking more
contributors with more time to spend upstream here. It's not entirely
clear this is what Alan had in mind for this section, and since
I've asked for the entire hour this may change.

As I've mentioned a few times in channel, I have been working on
putting hard numbers together to demonstrate that individual
contributors, given time to establish their credibility and actually
do some work, can have a significant positive impact on the community
and the direction of OpenStack. So far, I have a few cases drawn
from contributions to our community goals and help-wanted list to
demonstrate both success and failure to make this point. I hope
that by framing it this way we can move on from the problem statement,
which we have covered a few times in the past, and have a more
fruitful discussion of how to convince engineering managers and
other decision makers to allow developers to contribute in these
ways. I will share the slide deck with everyone after the meeting,
since it may change between now and then.

Updating the Foundation Mission Statement -- I'm not really sure
what this is, beyond what it says.

Preview 2018 event strategy -- I've been told this is a
presentation/discussion led by Lauren to talk about our in-person
events such as the Summit/Forum and PTG.

Next steps for fixing bylaws typo -- This is our second agenda item,
to talk about fixing the obvious error in the appendix to the bylaws
that covers selecting TC members and defines "Active Technical
Contributor" (section 3.b.i of

When the bylaws were last modified, this section was changed to say
"An Individual Member is an ATC who has..." meaning that a Foundation
member must be an ATC. Clearly this is not the desired intent, and
the text should read "An ATC is an Individual Member who has...".
We need the Foundation legal folks to help us understand whether
we need a membership vote to fix the wording, or if we can have the
board amend it. The goal for this section of the meeting is to get
someone to make that determination and then for the rest of us to
settle on the next steps we will take to correct the issue.


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