[openstack-dev] [masakari] [Release-job-failures] Tag of openstack/masakari failed

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Wed Jan 31 12:39:48 UTC 2018

Masakari had a release job fail for publishing the release notes. It appears to
be due to the release notes not being updated to follow the latest requirements
with the changes that were done in the zuul job.

There is an outstanding patch in openstack/masakari that should fix this:



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Build failed.

- publish-openstack-releasenotes http://logs.openstack.org/6b/6b10645d92e7560efc088f7f09991d332af7096f/tag/publish-openstack-releasenotes/de4278d/ : FAILURE in 3m 46s

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