[openstack-dev] [pbr] support v_version

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Mon Jan 15 19:36:27 UTC 2018

Excerpts from Gaetan's message of 2018-01-15 19:29:01 +0100:
> >
> >
> > > I guess it somehow didn't used my build of the pbr package when
> > > running in gitlab pipeline.
> >
> > It sounds like the CE pipeline is not building packages in the same way?
> > Or is using an old version of pbr?
> >
> > I guess it was the pbr version from pypi.python.org, not my customized
> build
> published on our internal pypi
> https://books.sonatype.com/nexus-book/3.0/reference/pypi.html
> > > Do you plan on releasing PBR soon on pypi?
> > > I have to build myself and push it on our internal nexus pypi, but I
> > think
> > > the
> > > safest way is to wait for an official pbr release on pypi.python.org :)
> >
> > Unfortunately we're approaching a significant set of feature freeze
> > deadlines for this OpenStack development cycle. Because it is very
> > difficult to "pin" a library like pbr that appears in the setup_requires
> > list for projects in our CI pipelines, and this next release of pbr
> > would have quite a few changes, we have decided in our meeting today
> > to be cautious and delay the next release for a few weeks.
> >
> Have you ever considered using pipenv/pipfile ? I started using it a few
> months ago it helps a lot with dependency freezing

We have a system in place to constrain most of the libraries we use
(using pip's -c option) but pip does not pay attention to that list in
all code paths when installing things listed in setup_requires.

> > I have scheduled a reminder to tag the pbr release during the first
> > week of March, after the OpenStack release is safely completed.
> >
> > I'm sorry if this causes inconvenience. We're going to work on
> > ensuring we have more frequent releases so we reduce our chance of
> > ending up in a similar situation again in the future.
> >
> That is not a problem by itself, I still have this self-hosted Pypi
> repository
> in the meantime.

OK, good.

> To react on the IRL log, indeed, the proposal I make in this thread is
> purely optional,
> for my need, gitlab handle correctly the protection against unwanted
> publication.
> Just hope it will be useful for other project, probably not for OpenStack
> itself.
> Thanks a lot for supporting external projects :)
> Gaetan

Thanks for working with us to improve pbr! :-)


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