[openstack-dev] [pbr] support v_version

Gaetan gaetan at xeberon.net
Mon Jan 15 18:29:01 UTC 2018

> > I guess it somehow didn't used my build of the pbr package when
> > running in gitlab pipeline.
> It sounds like the CE pipeline is not building packages in the same way?
> Or is using an old version of pbr?
> I guess it was the pbr version from pypi.python.org, not my customized
published on our internal pypi

> > Do you plan on releasing PBR soon on pypi?
> > I have to build myself and push it on our internal nexus pypi, but I
> think
> > the
> > safest way is to wait for an official pbr release on pypi.python.org :)
> Unfortunately we're approaching a significant set of feature freeze
> deadlines for this OpenStack development cycle. Because it is very
> difficult to "pin" a library like pbr that appears in the setup_requires
> list for projects in our CI pipelines, and this next release of pbr
> would have quite a few changes, we have decided in our meeting today
> to be cautious and delay the next release for a few weeks.
> Have you ever considered using pipenv/pipfile ? I started using it a few
months ago it helps a lot with dependency freezing

I have scheduled a reminder to tag the pbr release during the first
> week of March, after the OpenStack release is safely completed.
> I'm sorry if this causes inconvenience. We're going to work on
> ensuring we have more frequent releases so we reduce our chance of
> ending up in a similar situation again in the future.

That is not a problem by itself, I still have this self-hosted Pypi
in the meantime.

To react on the IRL log, indeed, the proposal I make in this thread is
purely optional,
for my need, gitlab handle correctly the protection against unwanted
Just hope it will be useful for other project, probably not for OpenStack

Thanks a lot for supporting external projects :)

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